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This page contains the Year 2008 editions of MicroController Pros' free Embedded News Digest email newsletter.

We stopped publishing the Embedded News Digest in December 2008, due to resource constraints.

December 2008 Embedded News Digest

Atmel Launches New Family of Secure MCUs for Machine-to-Machine Communication

Atmel Extends secureAVR Family for Banking Card Applications

Atmel Launches New AVR MCU for Smart Card Reader Applications

CMX Systems Releases CMX-RTX RTOS for Renesas R32C Family

Crossware Releases Modular ARM7 Development Tools

Freescale 8-bit Automotive MCUs Target Asian Markets

Freescale Delivers Single-Chip Solution for Next-Generation Automotive Gateways

Infineon SLE 78 Security MCU Brings Revolutionary Digital Security Features to Chip Card Industry

Maxim 16-bit MAXQ2010 MCU Extends Battery Life in Power-Sensitive Applications

Microchip Technology Enhances Mid-range 8-bit PIC Core

Microchip Announces USB Software Stack with OTG Support for 16-bit MCUs

Renesas to Release SH74504 and SH74513 MCUs for Automobile Driver-Assist System

TI's New CC430 Platform Makes Low-Power RF System Design Easy

TI Releases TMS570F MCUs with Dual ARM Cortex-R4F CPUs

July 2008 Embedded News Digest

Atmel Introduces AVR MCUs for Automotive LIN Applications

Freescale MPC8640D debuts as lower power, lower cost version of MPC8641D

Infineon SmartLEWIS MCU Family Addresses Wide Range of Wireless Control Applications

Intel Outlines Plans for New Category of SoC Designs

Microchip PIC32 Pro C-compiler from Hi-Tech

NEC Broadens Lineup of 32-Bit V850 All Flash MCUs

NEC Introduces New 16-bit MCUs with Low Power Consumption

Renesas Releases 200MHz SH72544R SuperH MCU with 2.5 MB Flash

Renesas Releases 14 New 16-Bit MCUs M16C/5L and M16C/56 Groups

Silicon Labs Announces Smallest Automotive Communications Controller

SST Launches Enhanced Performance FlashFlex Microcontroller

TI Introduces TMS320DM335 Digital Media Processor with HD Capability


June 2008 Embedded News Digest

Analog Devices Pairs 24-bit Sigma-Delta ADCs with ARM7 Core

Atmel Announces ARM Cortex-M3 License and AT91SAM3 Flash MCU Family

Atmel Announces ARM7-based MCU with FPGA Interface to Multi-layer AHB

Atmel Introduces New picoPower tinyAVR MCUs

Freescale Unveils MC13224 Single-chip IEEE 802.15.4/ZigBee Platform

Freescale Announces QorIQ Communications Platforms

Freescale Introduces Eight-core Microprocessor

Freescale Introduces Flexis AC Family for Large Appliance Market

Freescale and Altera Deliver Soft ColdFire Cores on FPGAs

Microchip Technology Introduces Lowest-Cost USB PIC MCUs

Microchip PIC32 C compiler from Hi-Tech

Renesas Releases 10 New H8SX Models in Four Groups
ST Announces 32-bit Power Architecture MCUs

ST Introduces STM8S 8-bit Microcontrollers

TI's new MSP430F5xx MCUs Achieve Lowest Active Power Consumption

Winbond  Releases W79E8213 8-bit Controllers

Zilog Introduces Enhanced Zatara ARM9-Based ASSP

February/March 2008 Embedded News Digest

San Jose MCU Symposium, April 8th & 9th 2008

Atmel Introduces AVR MCUs with USB, Battery Charging and Analog Features

Crossware Adds Support for 64 Silicon Labs 8051 Chips

Freescale Introduces Scalable 8-bit MCUs for Automotive Market

Fujitsu Introduces MCU integrating SMSC MediaLB Interface

Microchip Announces 30 New 16-bit MCUs and DSCs

Microchip Announces Six New DSCs with 16-bit Audio DAC

Microchip Announces Expansion of Motor Control DSCs, Tools and Libraries

NXP Introduces Four New 32-bit ARM9 MCUs

Silicon Laboratories Expands Family of Small Form Factor MCUs with EPROM

Zilog Launches Its First Flash Universal IR Remote Control Solution

January 2008 Embedded News Digest

ARM11 Support Added to JTAG In-Circuit Debugger/Programmer

Atmel ARM9-based MCU Supports Real-Time "Smart" Control Panels

Atmel Launches ARM MCU with High Speed USB in 10x10mm, 0.8mm pitch BGA

ELAN Introduces EM78P469 OTP LCD MCU

Freescale Releases Ultra-Low-Power 8-bit MCUs

Freescale Expands S08 Microcontroller Family

Freescale 8-bit MCU Family Addresses Entry-level Mass Market

Microchip Adds Flash Data Memory to Baseline PIC

NEC Electronics Expands F Series Microcontrollers

Renesas Develops SH7786 Group Dual-Core Processors

RMI Launches Power-Optimized Processor For Multifunction Portable Media Players

Silicon Laboratories Adds Lower-Cost Options

STMicroelectronics Launches Sub-50-Cent 8-bit Flash MCUs

TI Delivers First Single-Chip HD Video Transcoder with DaVinci

TI's New MCU Families Offer 2x Performance & Battery Life

Zilog Releases 1.8V Flash MCU with Extended Peripherals


November/December 2007 Embedded News Digest

ARM Introduces SecurCore SC300 Processor For Smart Card Applications

Atmel Introduces High-Performance Secure MCU for Mobile Payment and Mobile TV

Freescale adds 30 Devices to 8-bit S08 MCU Family
Freescale Introduces 8-bit MCU Family with CAN, EEPROM and Debug Capability

Infineon Launches 16-bit Real-Time Signal Controller Family

Microchip Technology Extends PIC Microcontroller Line to 32 Bits

Microchip Adds More Low-Pin-Count Members to PIC24H Family

Microchip Technology Adds More Flash Memory to dsPIC33F DSCs

Renesas Develops RS-4 Series 16-Bit Secure MCUs for Smart Cards

STMicroelectronics Introduces Free Self-Test Software for STM32 MCU

STMicroelectronics Introduces 90nm Secure MCU with Embedded Flash for Smart Cards

TI Introduces Low-Power MCU with Complete Signal Chain

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