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This page contains the Year 2002 online archive of MicroController Pros' free Embedded News Digest email newsletter. For the most recent news click here.

December 2002 Embedded News Digest

Analog Devices TigerSHARC DSP with 1.8GFLOPS and 2.4GMACS

ARM Announces AMBA 3.0

Atmel Announces a Low Cost RF Wireless System Chip Set

19. Chaos Communication Congress: Significant Security Holes in Embedded Systems

Fairchild low voltage microcontroller

Fujitsu Launches FR60Lite Series Microcontroller With Reduced Power Consumption

Hitachi New H8S microcontroller with MAC and uClinux support

IAR Systems Introduces Enhanced Atmel AVR toolkit

Microchip Releases New MLAB IDE Software Version

Motorola Expands 16-Bit HCS12 Family Flash Options

Motorola Offers No-Cost HCS12 Reference Design

Myson Century Semiconductor 8051 Embedded Network Microcontroller

National Semiconductor: Bluetooth Made Easy with "Simply Blue" Modules

National Semiconductor Internet Access Reference Design for COP8 Family

Philips: Bluetooth Made Easy, Take 2

STMicroelectronics' ST9 Microcontroller Family Gets CAN Bus Variants

November 2002 Embedded News Digest

ARM: New Licensees and Foundry Partners in November
Atmel: New 32k FLASH Smart Card AVR Microcontroller
Atmel: New Low Power 8-bit AVR Flash Microcontroller
Atmel: AVR microcontroller with 1.5/12Mbps USB
Dallas: 8051 with integrated 10/100Mbps Ethernet MAC and TCP/IP stack
EM Microelectronic: 2 New Micros with LCD Controller Consume Only 1.6uA in Active Mode
Hitachi: SH3 137MIPS Micro with 12Mbps USB and Ultra-Low Power
Infineon Announces New Microcontroller Architecture with 10x Efficiency
Microchip: Two New PIC Micros in 14 Pin Package
Microchip Announces PIC Micros with "nanoWatt" Power Management Technology
Motorola Expands 16-bit Hybrid MCU/DSP Portfolio

Motorola: New PowerQUICC Family

Motorola Introduces First ColdFire Core MCU
National Semiconductor Announces Bluetooth Communication Processor
National Semiconductor Introduces Touchscreen Controller Reference Design
National Semiconductor and ARM Jointly Develop Power Efficient Systems for Handheld Devices
NEC Introduces New 32-Bit V850E/ME2 Microcontroller For High-Performance Real-Time Processing
Philips: Four Companies Join Forces To Forge Alliance on ZigBee Wireless Connectivity Standard
STMicroelectronics Launches New Series of Mid-range General-purpose 8-bit Microcontrollers
TI: New High Performance C6411 DSP
Zilog Introduces First Member of New Z8 Encore Microcontroller Family

October 2002 Embedded News Digest

ARM Introduces Two New ARM11 Cores

Atmel Secure Microcontroller with Full-Speed USB V2.0

Cygnal Expands Family of Flash 8051s in Tiny Package

Hitachi: 32-bit Flash Microcontroller with Dual CAN

Infineon: Two New C166 Flash Micros with Dual CAN

Microchip: LIN Bus Peripheral IC

Microchip PIC18FXX8 Family Achieves CAN2.0B Conformance

Mitsubishi: Three New M16 Flash Micros with CAN

Mitsubishi MC16C/26 Series targets 8-bit Market with 16-bit Performance

Motorola Next Generation 32-bit ColdFire Core

NEC: Sixty New 8-bit and 32-bit Microcontrollers

NEC: 8-bit MCU with LCD controller/driver

NEC unveils 800MHZ VR5500 core (MIPS)

Philips Announces ARM Based Microcontroller Line

Sharp Builds Z80 CPU on Glass

ST: New 8051 Flash Micro Family with Integrated Programmable Logic

TI: MSP430 with 12-bit A/D, dual 12-bit D/A and DMA

September 2002 Embedded News Digest

Altera: Over 100 Embedded Processor Cores Royalty Free for Use with Cyclone FPGA Family

ARM Continues Rapid Expansion of Licensee Base

Atmel Adds FPSLIC Support to AVR Starter Kit

EM Microelectronic: General Purpose Micro in 8-pin TSSOP

Hitachi: Low-Power H8 FLASH Micro

Infineon Secure Microcontroller Chips Used in U.S. Department of Defense Smart Card Program

Micronas 7 Stepper Motors Dashboard Controller

Motorola Gives Away 4000 Free Starter Kits for New Nitron HC08Q Family of FLASH Microcontrollers

Motorola Expands HC08 LIN Bus Portfolio

Motorola FLASH Microcontroller with USB and RF Capabilities

Philips Introduces 80C51X2 Family with 50% Less Power Consumption and Higher Performance

Sharp Introduces High Performance, 8-bit BlueStreak (8051) Microcontroller

TI 600MHZ Media Processor

TI MSP430 Technical Conference in Dallas

August 2002 Embedded News Digest

Analog Devices Expands Mixed-Signal DSP Family With New CAN-Based Device

Atmel FLASH Based Microcontrollers With ARM Core In Super Small Package

Atmel 8051 FLASH Starter Kit From Crossware

Atmel Announces 802.11b MAC with Integrated Baseband for Wireless Applications

Cygnal Flash Microcontroller with  CAN Bus, 12-bit DAC & A/D,  High Voltage Amplifier and Temp Sensor

Hitachi Low Power SH-3 Controllers with USB, IrDA and Super Small Package
Microchip Licenses RF Transceiver Technology from Adcon Telemetry

Microchip Offers Wireless Sensor Solution

Motorola Coldfire CAN/Ethernet Reference Design

Texas Instruments Upper-Level Bluetooth Stacks for TMS320C54x DSPs

TI Dual Core DSP/ARM Controller

Toshiba 32-bit CISC Processor with Color LCD, USB and Ultra-Low Power

Toshiba 8-bit LCD Microcontroller with On-Board Flash

July 2002 Embedded News Digest

Atmel Pre-Qualifies CAN Flash Microcontrollers for Extended Temperature Range

Hitachi Performance Improved SH-4 Controllers

Infineon Announces New Microcontroller Family

Microchip Releases Technical Library CD ROM 2002
Motorola Launches PowerQUICC III Communications Processor

NEC 32-bit Microcontroller for Automotive Applications

STMicroelectronics Develops DSP-based Digital AM/FM Radio Chipset That Directly Digitizes Intermediate Frequency

TI Expands Its Low-Power MSP430 Portfolio With a $0.49 Device

TI $10000.- Microcontroller Design Contest

June 2002 Embedded News Digest

Analog Devices announces 32-bit Digital Audio Processor

Green Hills Software support for NEC 32- and 64-bit controllers

Infineon, Motorola and Agere Systems form Join-Venture to develop and license new DSP

Infineon acquires Ericsson Microelectronics and announces new single chip Bluetooth

Microchip releases new 28pin FLASH uC with A/D converter

Mitsubishi 16-bit MCU with USB 2.0

Motorola launches two new M-Core based 32-bit microcontrollers

Motorola adds Bluetooth baseband to Dragonball processor

STMicroelectronics Announces MP3 Bluetooth Demonstrator

May 2002 Embedded News Digest

Atmel announces low cost RF transmitter for Embedded Applications

Atmel announces super-small package for their AVR microcontroller line

Atmel production release USB full-speed secure MCU

Etron Technology to integrate microcontroller with LCD TCON

IAR Systems qualifies Bluetooth protocol stack on Mitsubishi M16C/62

Microchip acquires PowerSmart, a maker of smart battery ICs for $54M

Microchip- low-cost demo board for Flash MCUs

Microchip LIN development kit

Motorola 68HC08 microcontrollers with LIN Bus supp

Motorola Flash MCU with advanced LCD driver architecture

NEC 8-bit microcontroller with Dot LCD driver

NEC 32-bit microcontroller with up to 4 CAN channels

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