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This page contains the Year 2004 editions of MicroController Pros' free Embedded News Digest email newsletter. For the most recent news click here.

December 2004 Embedded News Digest

Freescale Coldfire Flash Programming Software by Crossware

Microchip Technology: Four New 8-bit CAN Microcontrollers
Microchip Technology: Two New 16-bit CAN Digital Signal Controllers

MicroControllerShop: Embedded Tools from 31 different Embedded Tool Vendors
Micro Digital: USB Host Stack for Embedded Systems
Texas Instruments: Code Composer Essentials IDE for MSP430
ZiLOG: Low-Memory Versions of Z8 Encore! 8-bit Microcontrollers

ZigBee Alliance Finalizes Specification

November 2004 Embedded News Digest

Atmel Announces Four New LCD AVR Microcontrollers
Atmel Launches New Digital Audio Broadcasting Baseband IC
Freescale Extends Hybrid Digital Signal Controller Line

Goal Promises Short 8051 Flash MCU Leadtimes

Maxim/Dallas Introduces New Network Microcontrollers with Ethernet and CAN
NEC Electronics Introduces 78K0/Kx2 8-bit Microcontroller Series with Flash Memory

Philips: ARM7 based  LPC2130 Series with 0 Wait-States at 60MHz
Renesas  SH7619 32-Bit SuperH™ with 10/100Mbps MAC & PHY
Silicon Laboratories Announces Smaller Single-Chip USB-to-UART Bridge
SST Announces Availability of Next-Generation FlashFlex51 Microcontroller Family
STMicroelectronics ST72F561: CAN and Dual UART/LIN in a 7x7mm Package
ZiLOG Introduces ZGP323 OTP/ROM Family of 8-bit Microcontrollers

October 2004 Embedded News Digest

ARM Introduces Low-Cost 32-bit Cortex Series Processors

ARM and Philips' Handshake Solutions Collaborate to Develop Clockless Processor

Atmel: ARM7 Micro for Below $3.00

EM Microelectonics: Ultra-Low Power FLASH Micro

Freescale: New Audio DSP

Freescale: ARM7TDMI based 32-bit Family for Automotive

Fujitsu: New 32-bit FR60Lite Family Devices for Motor Control

Infineon: News from the Thinking Carpet

Intel Expands Embedded Network Processor Line

Microchip: More I/Os for Basline PICs

NEC: 78K0/Fx Series with CAN

Renesas: M16C family with 3x CAN Controller

Renesas: SuperH SH7146 Family for 3-Phase PWM Motor Control

STM: Contactless Secure MCU with 2kbyte EEPROM

TI: New MSP430 Doubles Performance and Cuts Stand-by Power Into Half

TI: TMS320C54X(TM) DSP in  7x7 BGA Package Cuts Footprint by 2/3

Toshiba: Multimedia Reference Design with Real-Time MPEG1/2/4 En- and Decoding

ZiLOG: New Networking Protocol Stack and Operating System Software

September 2004 Embedded News Digest

ARM and Sun Microsystems To Deliver Pre-Integrated Java Solutions For Mobile Devices

Atmel: Five New Low Power AVR Flash Microcontrollers

Freescale: High-Performance Dual Core Controller with 4 GBit MACs

Freescale: Four New PowerQUICC Controllers with GBit Ethernet

Fujitsu: New 8-bit Microcontroller Family Runs at 100ns

Infineon: New 16-bit Micros with 256k FLASH, New Tricore 32-bit Micro

Microchip: Eight New PIC Micros With LCD Controller

Microchip: Two New dsPIC Micros with 66k FLASH, 12-bit A/D and CAN

Microchip: New PIC18 FLASH Micros in 28- and 40/44 Pin Packages

Renesas: SuperH™ Family SH7080 with 80MHz and 512k Flash

TI: 2004 MSP430 Developers Conference in Dallas, Munich & Beijing

Zilog: Higher Pin-Count and More ROM Memory for Remote Controls

August 2004 Embedded News Digest

ARM, First Developers' Conference in California

Atmel: Dual Interface Secure Microcontroller with 72kByte EEPROM

EM Microelectronics: Ultra-low Power 1.2V Microcontroller with High Drive Outputs

Freescale: DSP56321 accelerates to 275 MHz

Microchip: Two new PICs with Integrated Rolling Code Generator

Renesas Releases SH7206 Incorporating New SH-2A CPU Core

Renesas 8-bit QzROM Micros Cut Time from Receipt of ROM Code to Product Shipment

Sensory: Embedded Design with a Voice Interface Seminars

TI: MSP430 wins 2004 Frost & Sullivan Technology Innovation Award

ZiLOG Adds ROM Memory Versions to Crimzon Microcontroller Family

July 2004 Embedded News Digest

Microchip: New PIC18 with 64k FLASH and CAN

Renesas Announces SH7780 Microprocessor with SH-4A SuperH™ CPU Core and PCI Bus Controller

Renesas: New M16C Series Micros with CAN

Renesas : M32192 Microcontrollers with 1MByteFlash, Direct RAM Interface, CAN
Silicon Laboratories Introduces 8-Bit MCU Family with High Speed 16-Bit ADC

STMicroelectronics Introduces 3V Versions of  ST72324 8-bit Microcontrollers

TI: Floating Point DSP with 3x Performance/Price Ratio

Toshiba Launches New 64-bit Microprocessor

June 2004 Embedded News Digest

ARM Announces New AMBA 3.0 AXI System Components

Atmel: New secureAVR Smart Card Controller with 4k EEPROM

Atmel Signs Agreement to Become Second-Source Supplier for Cypress’s WirelessUSB

Freescale: New SX12 Family Enhances HCS12 Architecture

Freescale New S12X Family and MC9S08RG Development Tools Support

Freescale: New MCS12 Micro with USB2.0

Intel: New XScale Processor

Microchip: Baseline PICs now with FLASH

Microchip: World's First 6-pin Microcontrollers

Microchip: Twelve New PIC18s, 28-pin to 80-pin and 8k to 64k FLASH

Microchip: Six new dsPIC Controllers

NEC: New Kx1+ Microcontroller Series

Philips: 8-bit Micros with Two On-Chip A/Ds

Renesas: 32-Bit Microcontroller with Single 5V Supply and 48MHz

STMicroelectronics Enhances Capabilities of STVD7 Microcontroller Development Software

May 2004 Embedded News Digest

ARM Announces First Integrated Multiprocessor Core

Atmel Announces Industry's First ZigBee-ready Chipset

Elan: New Microcontrollers with 10-bit A/D

Freescale Semiconductor Releases Four New ColdFire Families

Microchip dsPIC Design Contest

Renesas Technology Releases SH-Mobile3

Xemics: Microcontroller with 16-bit Zooming A/D

April 2004 Embedded News Digest

Atmel Introduces 1.4GHz PowerPC in MIL Temp Range

Atmel 500 Million Units of AVR Microcontroller Shipped

Free 8-bit Embedded Resource Catalog from Extension Media

Intel: New XScale Family for Mobile Devices

Microchip: New PIC Device Programmer

Microchip's Annual Summer Technical Exchange Review in July

Motorola Semiconductor becomes Freescale Semiconductor

NEC: New 8-bit Flash Microcontroller Family

Renesas: New SuperH 32-bit Core with 3x Performance Increase

Silicon Laboratories (Cygnal): 8051 micro with 24-bit A/D

STMicroelectronics Launches 32-bit ARM Based Microcontrollers

Texas Instruments: New DSPs and Performance Value Vectors

TI: New MSP430 with Three OpAmps, 12-bit A/D and LCD controller

Toshiba: New 8-bit Flash Micro with Dual UART, Dual SPI and I2C

Toshiba: New MIPS based 32-bit Microcontroller Family

ZiLog: IrDA Software Development Kit for eZ80Acclaim Micros

March 2004 Embedded News Digest

Atmel: New ATMega AVR microcontroller with CAN

Atmel: ARM7/ Floating-Point-DSP Dual Processor Combo

Elan: OTP Microcontroller with LCD Driver

Fujitsu: New Mobile Media Processors

NEC: New 8-bit and 32-bit Motor Control Micros

Renesas: Twelve new 20-pin Micros in R8C/Tiny Series

Sharp: New BlueStreak Micros with Ethernet, USB Capability

TI: Free MSP430 "4-30" Seminar in 100 Cities Worldwide

TI: New DSP Increases Performance by 33%

Toshiba: MPEG1/2/4 Reference Design

ZiLog: New Z8 Encore XP Family

February 2004 Embedded News Digest

ARM's Proposed Acquisition of Triscend Not To Proceed

ARM Launches Level 2 Cache Controller

Atmel: Three New MegaAVR Micros

Cirrus Logic: Ten New ARM9 Based Controllers

Fujitsu Introduces New Bluetooth Module for Embedded Applications

Fujitsu Introduces New 32-bit RISC Microcontroller

Fujitsu: 16LX Microcontroller with Embedded Dual-Operation Flash Memory

Infineon Expands TriCore Family, Adds Linux Support

Infineon: Two New 16-bit Microcontrollers

Philips: New ARM-based microcontrollers with CAN, SPI, UART and I²C

Renesas SH7770 Offers Industry's First On-Chip 2D/3D Graphics Engine

Sharp: Mass Production Release of ARM9 Core Family-based 32-Bit SoC

STM: New ST7 MCU For Three-Phase Motor Control

TI Expands Available Memory Options of MSP430 Family


January 2004 Embedded News Digest

ARM Acquires Triscend

Holtek: Three New OTPs with LCD controller

Infineon: Let Us Embed Your Cloth and Your Carpet Too

NetSilicon: ARM9 based Micro for Color Laser & Multi-Function Printers

Oxford: ARM7 FireWire Audio Controller for High Quality Sound Systems
Philips Reduces Embedded EEPROM Cell Size by Factor 4

Renesas: H8/38086F 16-Bit Micro with High-Precision Delta Sigma A/D Converter

TI Ships 1GHz DSP

Zilog: Reference Designs for Universal Remote Control

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