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This page contains the Year 2005 editions of MicroController Pros' free Embedded News Digest email newsletter. For the most recent news click here.

December 2005 Embedded News Digest

Atmel Announces Three New 14-pin AVR Microcontrollers with 10-bit ADC
Atmel Introduces Two New 8-bit AVR CAN Microcontrollers
Freescale Introduces Integrated and Stand-Alone FlexRay 2.1 Controllers
Freescale Demonstrates New Transistor Architecture
Infineon Launches New 32-bit Microcontroller Family
Renesas Technology Releases SH7147F 32-Bit RISC Microcontroller
Hitachi and Renesas Develop Low-Power MOS Phase-Change Memory Cells
STMicroelectronics Releases Software Library for STR7 ARM7TDMI Microcontrollers


November 2005 Embedded News Digest

Atmel Announces AT91SAM9261 Smart ARM Microcontroller
Freescale Introduces MCF532x and MCF537x ColdFire MCU Families
Hi-Tech Software Introduces New PICC Compiler
Keil Introduces New Versions of 8051 Development Tools
Microchip Announces 1 Mbit I2C Serial EEPROM Family
Renesas Announces SH7211 SuperH Microcontroller
Renesas Announces 36 New R8C/Tiny Microcontrollers
ZiLOG Announces ZLP12840 Family of Crimzon IR MCUs

October 2005 Embedded News Digest

ARM Introduces 2,000 DMIPS Cortex-A8 Processor
Crossware Coldfire Suite Builds Freescale's Trio MP3 Application
Freescale Introduces S08QG Family Low-End MCUs
Freescale Introduces System-in-Package Combining LIN, HC908, SMARTMOS
Fujitsu Introduces Two New 32-bit RISC Microcontrollers
Microchip Announces First Family of 16-bit PIC MCUs
Microchip Announces dsPIC33 Digital Signal Controller Family
Microchip Unveils 64-Pin LCD Microcontroller Capable of Driving 168 Segments
Microchip Announces New High-End 8-bit PIC Microcontrollers
Silicon Laboratories Introduces 4 x 4 mm MCUs with 16 kB Flash
STMicroelectronics Introduces New Member of SPEAr Family
STMicroelectronics Launches First Industrial MCUs based on ARM7 Core
TI Begins Volume Production of TMS320F23x Controllers

TI MSP430 Development Tools Up to 30% Off
TI Announces MSP430F20xx Family of Microcontrollers
ZiLOG Rolls Out Z8 Encore! MC 8-bit Flash MCU Family

September 2005 Embedded News Digest

Atmel Releases Deterministic ARM7 MCUs with Ethernet, CAN, USB, Encryption
Maxim Introduces New Mixed-Signal Microcontroller
Fujitsu Introduces Next-Generation FlexRay 2.0 Controller
Fujitsu Introduces 32-bit Microcontrollers with CAN, LIN Support
Fujitsu Introduces Three New High-Performance, 8-bit Microcontrollers
Maxim Introduces USB Peripheral Controller with 26 MHz SPI Interface
Philips Announces Three Faster ARM7-based Microcontrollers
Rabbit Semiconductor Announces Rabbit 4000 Microprocessor
Renesas Technology Releases 32-Bit SH7650 SuperH Processor
Sensory Introduces New Speech Recognition Microcontroller
STMicroelectronics Extends ST7 USB Flash Microcontroller Family
STMicroelectronics Extends ST7Lite MCU Family
TI and Microchip Introduce ZigBee Protocol Stacks

August 2005 Embedded News Digest

Freescale Begins Production of Industry-First FlexRay Device
Goal Semiconductor MCUs Supported by Range of Industry Standard Programmers

Goal Semiconductor Acquired by Ramtron International Corporation
NEC Electronics Announces 78K0/Lx2 Family of 8-Bit MCUs for Consumer Applications
Renesas Technology Releases SH7261 SuperH Microcontrollers for Digital Audio Products

TI Launches First of 50 New Ultra-Low-Power MSP430 MCUs

June/July 2005 Embedded News Digest

ARM Demonstrates First ARM11 MPCore Processor
Microchip Offers Smaller Package Options for Popular PIC Microcontrollers
Microchip Adds Analog Peripherals to Baseline PIC Microcontroller Architecture

Microchip Announces PIC Microcontroller for PKE and Other Wireless Authentication Applications
Microchip Expands Small PIC Microcontroller Line with 20-Pin Family and More Capabilities
Microchip Doubles Performance of World's Smallest Microcontroller
Micronas Expands 32-Bit Microcontroller Line for Automotive Applications
Renesas Announces Two New H8SX 32-bit CISC Flash Microcontrollers
Sensory Debuts Ultra-Compact Voice Recognition Module
Silicon Laboratories Introduces Embedded Modem Development Kit
STMicroelectronics Unveils First in Family of Configurable System-on-Chip ICs

May 2005 Embedded News Digest

ARM Announces Audio Date Processing Engine

Atmel Announces 8-bit MCU with Integrated USB to Serial Bridge Interface Capabilities

Atmel Introduces AVR Microcontroller-based 13.56 MHz Contactless Smart Card Reader

Freescale Expands ColdFire Family

Microchip: Two More Low Pin Count dsPIC30F 16-bit dsPIC

Renesas Releases AE55C1 High-Security 32-Bit Smart Card Microcontroller

STMicroelectronics Extends ARM-based STR710F Microcontroller Family

Texas Instruments TMS320C6455 DSP Brings Performance Boost

April 2005 Embedded News Digest

ARM: Free Web Design Tools

Crossware Releases Version 3 of C Compiler for Coldfire Chips
Microchip: 10 New PIC18F Microcontrollers
Microchip Introduces 28-pin Stand-Alone Ethernet Controller

Renesas Releases SH-MobileJ3 Application Processor for Mid-Range Mobile Phone

TI Introduces Signal-Chain-on-Chip MCU
ZiLOG Introduces 8KB Flash Option for Z8 Encore! XP Family

March 2005 Embedded News Digest

ARM: Agreement with Actel to bring ARM7 core to FPGAs
Atmel: Five New High-Performance, Low-Power 8-bit AVR Flash Microcontrollers
Atmel: New Single-Cycle 8051 Core
Renesas: Two New 50 MHz 32-bit CISC Microcontrollers
TI: Three New Digital Signal Controllers
Oki: World's Smallest ARM Microcontroller
Fujitsu: New 32-bit MCU for Network-Enabled Appliances
Infineon: New XC164 Family of Twelve 16-bit Microcontrollers
Infineon: New 8-bit 8051 Microcontroller Family
Microchip: Four New dsPIC 16-bit Digital Signal Controllers
Renesas: 24 New R8C/Tiny 16-bit Flash Microcontrollers

February 2005 Embedded News Digest

Atmel: Four New Microcontrollers for Lighting Ballast Applications
Atmel: CANopen Protocol Stack for AT91SAM7A ARM7-based Microcontrollers
Atmel: Three New tinyAVR Flash Microcontrollers with Internal Temperature Sensors
Atmel: ATmega406 Fully-Configurable Single-Chip Smart Battery Solution

Fujitsu: Two New 32-bit Flash Microcontrollers with up to 5 UARTs

Infineon Back in the 8-bit FLASH Microcontroller Market; New TriCore Micros

Microchip: Two New Flash-Based 16-bit dsPIC® Digital Signal Controllers

Micronas: New 8-bit/16-bit Microcontroller for Car Dashboard Applications

NEC: New 32-Bit V850ES/Dx2 Microcontrollers for Automotive Dashboard Applications

NEC: 32-Bit V850E2/ME3 Microcontroller for High-Performance, Real-Time Processing

Philips: ARM9 family-based microcontrollers in 90nm

Renesas: Low-Pin-Count, Small-Package, 50 MHz High-Speed Operation SH Microcontrollers

Texas Instruments: Faster Version of TMS320C6412 DSP

Texas Instruments: New 1 GHZ DSP Can Support Multiple 3G Wireless Standards

ST Microelectronics: 10-MIPs 8-bit MCU with Full-Speed USB 2.0

Zilog: 8-pin Package Z8 Encore! Microcontroller

January 2005 Embedded News Digest

Embest: V5.0 of Programming Software for ARM and Standalone Flash

EM Microelectronic: EM6580 Low-Power Flash 4-bit Microcontroller

Goal: $99 Development Kit for 8051 Based Versa Micros

Microchip: PIC18F8722 40MHz 8-bit Microcontrollers with 48-128Kbytes Flash
Microchip: MCP23008 and MCP23S08 8-bit I/O Expanders
Microchip: Synchronous and Asynchronous Key Encryption Libraries for dsPIC
Microchip: Echo Cancellation and Noise Suppression Libraries for dsPIC
Philips: Two New Ultra-Small LPC900 Microcontrollers
Renesas: H8S/2189F 16-bit Microcontroller with Software IP Protection

Sensory: Ultra Compact Speech Recognition for Embedded Systems

TI: TMS470 ARM7 based Microcontrollers

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