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This page contains the Year 2007 editions of MicroController Pros' free Embedded News Digest email newsletter. For the most recent news click here.

November/December 2007 Embedded News Digest

ARM Introduces SecurCore SC300 Processor For Smart Card Applications

Atmel Introduces High-Performance Secure MCU for Mobile Payment and Mobile TV

Freescale adds 30 Devices to 8-bit S08 MCU Family
Freescale Introduces 8-bit MCU Family with CAN, EEPROM and Debug Capability

Infineon Launches 16-bit Real-Time Signal Controller Family

Microchip Technology Extends PIC Microcontroller Line to 32 Bits

Microchip Adds More Low-Pin-Count Members to PIC24H Family

Microchip Technology Adds More Flash Memory to dsPIC33F DSCs

Renesas Develops RS-4 Series 16-Bit Secure MCUs for Smart Cards

STMicroelectronics Introduces Free Self-Test Software for STM32 MCU

STMicroelectronics Introduces 90nm Secure MCU with Embedded Flash for Smart Cards

TI Introduces Low-Power MCU with Complete Signal Chain

October 2007 Embedded News Digest

ARM Unveils Cortex-A9 Processors

Infineon Introduces New MCU Family for Motorcycle Engine Control

Intel Extends Power-Saving Chipset to Embedded Systems

Luminary Micro Launches 34 New ARM Cortex-M3 based Microcontrollers

PHYTEC and Adeneo Announce Acceleration Kit for Windows Embedded CE 6.0

Renesas Releases 11 New Models in Three Groups

Renesas Releases H8S/Tiny Series 16-bit MCUs with On-Chip Flash

TI Delivers Sub-1GHz RF SoC with Integrated USB Controller

September 2007 Embedded News Digest

AMD Develops Three New Athlon 64 Processors for Embedded Platforms

ARM Announces Low-Cost Cortex-M1 Development Kit for Altera Cyclone III

Crossware Adds Support for Atmel SAM7 Chips

Epson Releases Flash Microcontroller with Dot Matrix LCD Driver

Silicon Laboratories Doubles Memory of Small MCUs

Freescale Adds 10 ColdFire MCUs for Low-End 32-bit Systems

Freescale Releases CodeWarrior v7.0 for 32-bit ColdFire MCUs

Freescale Unveils 12 High-Performance ColdFire MCUs for Linux

Freescale Releases Their First 8-bit SOIC MCUs

Microchip Technology Announces New 8-bit PIC18F4XK20/2XK20

NEC Electronics Adds New Devices to 32-bit Flash MCU Lineup
NXP Introduces LPC2900 ARM9 MCU Family
Renesas SH77650 Specialized SoC for Automotive Image Recognition Processing

SST Introduces Industry's Smallest 8051-Based Microcontroller for Mobile Devices

STMicroelectronics Introduces Secure MCUs Based on 0.13-micron Process

Zilog Introduces 32-bit Zatara Series ARM MCUs

August 2007 Embedded News Digest

Elan Releases 8-bit High-Speed Flash Microcontroller

Express Logic Launches ThreadX MCU Edition for PIC24 and dsPIC

Fujitsu's 32-bit Microcontroller with 6 channel CAN Interface

HI-TECH Offers Free Upgrade to PICC PRO Development Software

Microchip Technology Launches Semiconductor Wiki

NEC Announces Two New 32-bit ARM Cores

Renesas Expands 16-Bit R8C/Tiny MCU Series with 30 New Products

Renesas Accelerates SuperH Family to 200MHz with SH72546RFCC

Renesas Releases H8SX/1725F Achieving 80 MHz

STMicroelectronics Extends ST7Lite MCU Family

Xeltek Universal Programmer Promotion

Zilog Introduces New Z8 Encore! XP 8-bit MCU Series

July 2007 Embedded News Digest

Atmel Releases Four New 32-pin picoPower AVR MCUs

Atmel Extends AT91SO Secure MCU Product Family for High Security Systems

Infineon Unveils Scalable XC2300 MCU Family for Automotive Safety Apps

Maxim Releases MAXQ MCU Supporting 160-segment LCDs

NXP Acquires BlueStreak Microcontroller Product Line from Sharp

STMicroelectronics Introduces Faster Nomadik ARM9 MCU

Zilog Releases eZ80AcclaimPlus! System-on-Chip

25% to 50% Savings on HI-TECH Compilers

June 2007 Embedded News Digest

Atmel Releases ARM SC100-based Secure Microcontroller

Atmel Extends CAP Family with ARM7-based Product

Atmel Releases New SecureAVR Microcontroller

Atmel Extends its AVR 32-bit MCU Family

Atmel Offers Free Development Software for 32-bit AVR Microcontrollers

Atmel Introduces AVR32 Application Processor for Linux-based Embedded Designs

Crossware Adds Support for Atmel AT89C51RE2

Freescale Introduces Compatible 8- and 32-bit Flexis MCUs

Freescale i.MX27 Video Applications Processor

Freescale Develops New Multi-core Architecture

25% to 50% Savings on HI-TECH Compilers

Microchip Adds Smaller Options to 16-bit Microcontroller Family

Microchip Announces New DSC Families

Renesas Adds 12 Models to 32-bit H8SX Family

Sensory Releases New Speech Recognition IC and Firmware

ST Releases Higher-Performance, Lower-Cost ARM9 MCU

ST Announces New 32-Bit Family Powered by ARM Cortex-M3 Core


April/May 2007 Embedded News Digest

Adeneo Provides Windows Embedded CE Solution for NXP MCUs

Atmel Introduces Lowest-Power 32-bit Flash MCU with Ethernet and USB OTG

Atmel Launches Customizable Microcontroller-based SoC Platform

Freescale Expands USB Options in ColdFire Portfolio

Freescale Introduces New 32-bit System-on-Chip

Fujitsu Introduces High-Performance 8-bit Flash MCUs with LCD Controllers

Fujitsu Introduces 32-Bit MB91F467B Microcontroller

Microchip Introduces First 16-bit MCUs With 64 Kbytes Flash in 28-pin Packages

Microchip Doubles Flash and RAM of LCD PIC18 MCUs at Lower Cost

Renesas Releases AE41R 16-Bit Dedicated Contactless Smart Card MCU

Renesas Releases SH2A-DUAL SuperH Multi-Core Microcontrollers

Renesas Releases R32C/118 Group 32-Bit MCUs with On-Chip Flash

Renesas Technology to Develop New CPU Architecture for Microcontrollers

Renesas Releases SH7775 for Car Information Systems

STMicroelectronics Enhances 8-pin MCU Family

TI TMS320F28044 and F2809 DSCs Now Available in Volume

TI MSP430F47x4 MCUs Reduce Component Count for Multi-Phase Metering


March 2007 Embedded News Digest

ARM Extends Cortex Family with First Processor Optimized for FPGA

Atmel Doubles On-Chip Flash on ARM7 Microcontrollers, Adds AES

Atmel Introduces Optimized AVR Flash MCUs for USB Full-Speed Peripherals

Atmel Introduces 8051 Microcontrollers For High-Volume USB Applications

Freescale Launches Single-chip ZigBee Platform-in-Package Solution

Fujitsu Expands 32-bit Microcontroller Lineup

Fujitsu Introduces FlexRay-based MB91F465X

Fujitsu Announces 16-bit 16FX Series MCU

HI-TECH Software Releases PICC v9.60

Infineon Introduces Scalable XC2200 Microcontroller Family

Microchip Releases New 8-bit MCU Family

Renesas Releases SH7670 Group 32-bit SuperH Family

Silicon Labs Announces New 8-bit MCU

STMicroelectronics Unveils Two New Configurable SPEAr SoCs

STMicroelectronics ARM7-based Motor Control Development Kit

TI Announces Two New DSPs

February 2007 Embedded News Digest

Atmel Integrates AVR 8-bit MCU and LIN System Basis Chip
Freescale Adds Memory to 8-bit 908Q Microcontroller Family
Freescale Introduces First S08 MCU with LCD Driver
Freescale Extends PowerQUICC III Processor Family
Freescale Expands 16-bit 56F8000 DSC Family
Freescale Adds Advanced Security Features to MSC8144 DSP Family
Fujitsu Announces 32-bit Flash MCU with Six CAN Interfaces
Fujitsu Announces New 16-bit 16FX Series MCUs
Infineon Provides 8-Bit Flash MCUs With Temperature Range up to +140C
Microchip Unveils Newest Member of PIC16F88x Family
Microchip Adds The MathWorks Plug-ins to MPLAB
Microchip Achieves ZigBee Compliant Platform Status
NXP Introduces Integrated LCD Support to ARM7 MCU Family
Ramtron Introduces USB Interface for Versa 8051 MCU DevKit
Renesas Releases SH7764 for High-End Digital Audio Applications
Silicon Labs Announces 100-MIPS Small-Form-Factor MCU
TI Introduces Their Highest-Performing Floating-Point DSP
TI Announces Volume Availability of MSP430FG461x Series
ZiLOG Expands eZ80Acclaim! 8-Bit Family

January 2007 Embedded News Digest

ARM Extends DesignStart Program to Include ARM926EJ Processor
Fujitsu Announces 32-bit Automotive MCU with 1MB Embedded Flash
Fujitsu Launches Next-gen MCU with Embedded FlexRay Interface
Renesas Introduces H8SX/1622, 1638, and 1648 32-bit CISC MCU Groups
ST Releases Free SDK for Complete USB Firmware Development
TI Offers Sampling of New DaVinci TMS320DM6441 SoC with ARM9 Core

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