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This month's issue:

Motorola launches two new M-Core based 32-bit microcontrollers

Motorola adds Bluetooth baseband to Dragonball processor

Microchip releases new 28pin FLASH uC with A/D converter

Infineon, Motorola and Agere Systems form Join-Venture to develop and license new DSP

Infineon acquires Ericsson Microelectronics and announces new single chip Bluetooth

STMicroelectronics Announces MP3 Bluetooth Demonstrator

Mitsubishi 16-bit MCU with USB 2.0

Green Hills Software support for NEC 32- and 64-bit controllers

Analog Devices announces 32-bit Digital Audio Processor

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Motorola launches two new M-Core based 32-bit microcontrollers

The MMC2113 and MMC2114 are drop-in replacements for the current MMC2107 and

feature "improved"  FLASH erase/write endurance of 1000 cycles (compare this to the
100 000 cycles other folks offer)


The MMC2113 offers 128 KB Flash and 8 KB of SRAM.  The MMC2114 offers 256 KB of Flash

and 32 KB of SRAM. Both of these microcontrollers include 5-volt tolerant I/O.

The devices operate between 2.7 volts and 3.6 volts. The maximum operating frequency is

33 MHz over a temperature range of -40 C to 85 C.


Motorola adds Bluetooth baseband to Dragonball processor

The fifth generation Dragonball MX1 processor designed in Singapore is only delivered to

manufacturers of mobile devices and is priced at $19 in 10k quantities. Clock speed has

been increased to 200MHz (from 66MHz on previous Dragonballs). Supposedly available

in the second half of this year.


Microchip releases new 28pin FLASH uC with A/D converter
The PIC16F72 Flash device is available in 28-lead PDIP, SOIC, SSOP packages as well as the

new 28-lead Quad Flat No Leads (QFN) Chip Scale Package (CSP).

The PIC16F72 microcontroller features 3.6K bytes of Flash program memory, 128 bytes RAM,
up to 5 MIPS performance at 20 MHz, and an operating voltage range of 2.0-5.5 volts.
A 5-channel, 8-bit analog-to-digital converter (ADC), a Capture/Compare/PWM module,
two 8-bit timers and one 16-bit timers are additional features.

Brownout detection/reset (BOR); a watchdog timer (WDT); In-Circuit Serial Programming
technology;  SPI and I2C interfaces are also included.


Infineon, Motorola and Agere Systems form Join-Venture to develop and license new DSP
This will be interesting to follow. Both Infineon and Motorola so far have been unsuccessful
to unseat DSP king TI. This is another attempt at the highly contested mobile phone market.
This time they try it with the ARM business model of licensing the core to interested parties for
integration with application specific devices.


Infineon acquires Ericsson Microelectronics and announces new single chip Bluetooth
Infineon continues to strengthen its position in the wireless market by acquiring Ericsson
Microelectronics, one of the pioneer companies in developing bluetooth silicon. This deal also
gives Infineon a strong position as a supplier to Ericsson-Sony.

Infineon unveiled its new Bluetooth(TM) Single-Chip, the BlueMoon(TM) Universal, a single chip
solution, manufactured in a 0.13 micron CMOS-Technology and in a standard leadless package
smaller than 36mm(2). Due to the minimized die size, both power consumption and the total size
of a module are significantly reduced. BlueMoon Universal will have integrated USB, PCM (SSI),
UART, CODEC interfaces as well as an ARM7 processor for Linkmanager and upper layer stacks.
An API (application programmable interface) will ensure the possibility to generate embedded
hostless solutions. The new chip will be available in two different memory variants, with ROM or
embedded Flash.

BlueMoon Universal is offered at a price below 3.75 US$ in high volume quantities. First
development kits will be available late 2002 with volume production starting in 2003.


STMicroelectronics Announces MP3 Bluetooth Demonstrator
At the Bluetooth Congress in Amsterdam, June 12-14, 2002, STMicroelectronics  demonstrated
a real time streaming MP3 Bluetooth wireless headset.

The headset receives a streaming MP3 audio from a remote Bluetooth-enabled PDA, decodes
it and plays it in real time. The headset is also paired with a Bluetooth enabled GSM mobile phone.
When an incoming call is received on the GSM phone, a signal is generated in the headset; the
streaming MP3 audio is then interrupted to allow the call to take place, but resumes as soon as the
call is completed.

The Bluetooth devices in the headset are the radio front-end Rainbow STw5288 and the
digital baseband controller BlueSilk STw2410 from ST. The software host stack is embedded
on the STw2410 and has been developed in co-operation with Widcomm, including an Alpha
release of the Audio/Video Profile. ST plans also to support other formats such as MP3Pro, AAC and SBC.


Mitsubishi 16-bit MCU with USB 2.0

M30245 Features: 62.5 ns execution time (f(XIN) = 16 MHz); 128 Kbytes Flash; 10 Kbytes RAM;
power supply/voltage: 3.0-3.6V (16 MHz); USB: USB 2.0 Full Speed specifications, endpoint 0-4
(simultaneous IN/OUT transfer possible for 1-4), FIFO buffer size: 3.25 Kbytes; Serial I/O: clock
synchronization/UART/multi-function S10 x 2, clock synchronization/UART x 2; 10-bit/8-bit analog-
to-digital converter; five 16-bit timers. 100pin LQFP package, samples in July, production Sept. 2002


Green Hills Software support for NEC 32- and 64-bit controllers
NEC Electronics Inc. and Green Hills Software, Inc. announced an agreement to integrate
NEC's V850(TM) family of embedded 32-bit reduced instruction set computer (RISC)
microcontrollers  and VR Series(TM) 64-bit MIPS(R) microprocessors with Green Hills Software's
MULTI(R) 2000 Integrated Development Environment (IDE) and ThreadX(R) real-time operating
system (RTOS).

MULTI 2000 is a complete IDE for embedded applications using C, C++ and Ada 95 languages.
MULTI runs on Windows®-, UNIX®- or Linux-based host systems. MULTI contains all the tools
needed to complete a major programming project, including Project Builder,
Source Level Debugger, EventAnalyzer(TM), Performance Profiler, Run-Time Error Checking, Code
Coverage Analysis, Graphical Browser, Text Editor and Version Control System.

ThreadX is a  royalty-free real-time operating system optimized for NEC's VR Series-
and V850-based applications that place a premium on small-size, fast-response time.


Analog Devices announces 32-bit Digital Audio Processor
Implemented with a new 32-bit software architecture designed to process digital audio signal

formats efficiently and accurately, the Melody 32 audio processor implements Dolby Digital, Dolby

Digital EX, Dolby Pro Logic II, DTS- ES Extended Surround, DTS Neo:6, SRS Circle Surround II, THX and

THX Surround EX, AAC (two-channel, low complexity), MP3 (MPEG1 Audio Layer 3), PCM, Bass and

Delay Management-all in 32-bit precision in up to eight channels. The Melody 32 audio processor

automatically detects the incoming bit stream and applies the appropriate code downloaded

from the boot flash.

Analog Devices' Melody 32 audio processor can be ordered under part number ADSST-Melody-32.

An evaluation board with an evaluation copy of the software and schematics is priced at $1,250

in single quantities and is currently shipping to qualified customers


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