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This month's issue:

ALi ships USB2.0 Video Camera Controller

Atmel Introduces Secure AVR Micro with 12Mbps USB

Cygnal 8051 Embedded Ethernet Reference Design

Goal Launches 8051 Based VERSA Microcontroller Family

Hitachi Online Microcontroller Hard-/Software Evaluation and Training

NEC Scores Highest in EEMBC Automotive Performance Benchmarks with V850ES/SA2

Toshiba 8-bit OTP Microcontroller in 20-pin Package


ALi ships USB2.0 Video Camera Controller

ALi Corp. has announced the availability of the M5603C USB 2.0 video camera controller, which it claims to be the smallest solution for USB 2.0 PC-camera based applications.


The IC is packaged in a 64-pin TQFP and has a built-in color-processing engine for CMOS image sensor; image compression CODEC; USB 2.0 controller (480 Mbps, 12 Mbps); AC '97 CODEC interface; and a microcontroller with user-configurable I/O capable of achieving up to 30fps at VGA/CIF size, real-time video performance. It also has an on-chip HQ ratio-adjustable video compression engine, enabling the M5603C to support up to SXGA (1,280-by-1,024) snapshot for still image capturing applications.

The M5603C comes with Video for Windows and TWAIN drivers. It is suitable for desktop, laptops, tablet PCs, and other handheld devices.


Atmel Introduces Secure AVR Micro with 12 Mbps USB

Atmel calls the chip's USB a "USB V2.0 interface" and they now clarify that it only supports full speed mode (12Mbps),  so someone there must have read our comments. ;-)


Expect anything with USB in the future being called USB V2.0 and let's get the association USB V2.0 = 480Mbps out of our heads fast. If it doesn't state explicitly "USB V2.0 high-speed mode", chances are that it will only support one or both of the lower speeds (12Mbps, 1.5Mbps). So be careful when you buy your next USB V2.0 scanner or external hard disk - you might not get what you think you're buying.


The AT90SC6464C-USB-I features a USB full-speed (12 Mbps) interface that requires no external USB clock and an ISO 7816 smart card interface. It also incorporates 64Kbytes of on-chip Flash memory and 64Kbytes of EEPROM. Security features include a 16-bit RISC crypto processor for very efficient execution of the highest-level encryption algorithms, RSA, AES 128/128, SHA-256. In addition, a hardware T-DES (Triple Data Encryption Standard) coprocessor, a true RNG (Random Number Generator) and support for ECC (Elliptic Curve Cryptography) enhance the high cryptography performance of this device.


The AT90SC6464C-USB-I in PQFP44 package is available now at a price of US$4.00 in quantities of 200,000 units.


Cygnal 8051 Embedded Ethernet Reference Design

Cygnal’s Ethernet Reference Design consists of a C8051F124DK development kit ($149), the AB2 Ethernet Prototyping Board ($50), and supporting documentation and software. The Reference Design demonstrates how to configure an embedded web server using a C8051F124 device and the CMX-MicroNet TCP/IP software. Complete documentation, schematics, and software are available for download at Cygnal’s web site at http://www.cygnal.com/.


Cygnal’s C8051F12X series of microcontrollers features a high throughput 50MIPS processor, a large 128K byte Flash memory, 8K bytes of RAM, and a precision 12-bit A/D in a single chip.


Goal Launches 8051 Based VERSA Microcontroller Family

Goal Semiconductor, announced the launch of the VERSA Microcontroller Family with  three 8-bit, 8051-based microcontrollers, the VRS550 VRS1000-40 and VRS700L.


The VERSA 550 features 8K of Flash memory, 256 bytes of RAM, 25MHz clock speed, a UART, a Watch Dog Timer, and 32 I/Os.


The VERSA 1000 incorporates 64K of Flash memory with In System Programming (ISP) capability, 1K of RAM, 40MHz clock speed, a UART, a 5-channel PWM, and Watch Dog Timer.


The VERSA 700 is a 3V, 23MHz, 8-bit microcontroller with 64K of Flash memory and 4K of RAM. Among the VRS700L’s features are an 8-channel PWM, a UART, a Watch Dog Timer, 36 I/Os and bank mapping direct addressing mode for easy access to the on-chip RAM


Price (in quantities of 1000 pieces) for the VERSA 550 is US $1.75 each, US$3.50 for the VERSA1000 and US$3.80 for the VERSA700. The VERSA Microcontroller Family is available in 44-PLCC and 44-QFP packages.


Hitachi Online Microcontroller Hard-/Software Evaluation and Training

Hitachi Semiconductor has teamed with TechOnLine, Inc. to launch "Hitachi Interactive" (http://hitachi.techonline.com). Hitachi Interactive currently supports Hitachi's 8- and 16-bit H8 family of microcontrollers. The resources available for free at Hitachi Interactive include:

Online labs: Unique remotely located evaluation labs that let engineers use their PCs over the Internet to access, control and evaluate actual Hitachi Semiconductor America products in setups that are fully operational.

Live Web broadcasts: Presentations by Hitachi experts, complete with interactive discussions, that describe technology, products and applications.

Self-paced courses: In-depth technical training modules, available 24x7 from a PC, that explain the operation and application of Hitachi products.

NEC Scores Highest in EEMBC Automotive Performance Benchmarks with V850ES/SA2

NEC Electronics  announced that its V850ES/SA2™ microcontroller (part number uPD703201) received the highest scores recorded to date by the Embedded Microprocessor Benchmark Consortium (EEMBC) for a 20-megahertz (MHz) device. The EEMBC benchmark tests for performance in automotive/industrial applications.

The V850ES/SA2 32-bit microcontroller family features multiply-accumulate (MAC) hardware, digital signal processing (DSP), and a variety of peripherals that allow many DSP applications to be performed at a substantially lower cost than typical solutions. In addition to their high real-time responsiveness and one-clock execution of instructions, devices in the V850ES/SA2 family include instructions suited to digital servo control applications: multiplication instructions executed via a hardware multiplier, saturation instructions and bit-manipulation instructions.

Each device contains 16 kilobytes (KB) of random-access memory (RAM) and 256 KB of read-only memory (ROM) or flash memory, a 10-bit analog-to-digital (A/D) converter, 8-bit digital-to-analog (D/A) converter, direct memory access (DMA) controller, and a variety of other peripherals.

Detailed EEMBC benchmark score reports for the V850ES/SA2 microcontroller are available now from the EEMBC web site at http://www.eembc.org/.

Toshiba 8-bit OTP Microcontroller in 20-pin Package

Toshiba’s new 20 -pin TMP86P202 offers 16 I/O pins, two of which are for high current outputs of typically 20mA. On board memory comprises 2k x 8 bits of ROM and 128 x 8 bits of RAM. The two on-board 8-bit timers provide a PPG or PWM output, event counter input and can be configured for 16-bit timer operation. Additionally a four channel 8-bit A/D converter is available. Built in interrupt handling allows the designer to use eight internal and three external interrupts.


Based on the TLCS-870/C series core, the TMP86P202 operates at frequencies up to 8MHz. Supply voltage is rated at 4.5 to 5.5V, while one STOP and two IDLE modes serve to minimize power consumption. The TMP86P202 is available in DIP20 and SOP20 packaging.


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