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This month's issue:

Microchip: New PIC18 with 64k FLASH and CAN

Renesas Announces SH7780 Microprocessor with SH-4A SuperH™ CPU Core and PCI Bus Controller

Renesas: New M16C Series Micros with CAN

Renesas : M32192 Microcontrollers with 1MByteFlash, Direct RAM Interface, CAN
Silicon Laboratories Introduces 8-Bit MCU Family with High Speed 16-Bit ADC

STMicroelectronics Introduces 3V Versions of  ST72324 8-bit Microcontrollers

TI: Floating Point DSP with 3x Performance/Price Ratio

Toshiba Launches New 64-bit Microprocessor

Microchip: New PIC18 with 64k FLASH and CAN

The new PIC18F4680, PIC18F2680, PIC18F4585 and PIC18F2585 microcontrollers feature 48K bytes or 64K bytes of Flash program memory with self-programming capability, allowing the microcontroller to be programmed after being placed in a circuit board.

Each microcontroller features Microchip’s ECAN module, a CAN 2.0B interface with transmit and receive (TX/RX) buffers that can be configured for standard CAN applications, DeviceNet protocol support or a FIFO state machine.

Additional features of the new microcontrollers include: 32 kHz to 32 MHz (8 MIPS) internal oscillator; Fail-safe clock monitor;  Operation from an external crystal or clock source for 10 MIPS performance at 40 MHz;  3K bytes of RAM and 1K byte of high-endurance EEPROM data memory;  Analog-to-digital converter with up to 11 channels x 10-bit resolution and 100 ksps;  Two analog comparators with internal voltage regulator circuitry, programmable brownout detect, and programmable low-voltage detect;  One Capture/Compare/PWM module, 1 Enhanced Capture/Compare/PWM module;  Operating voltage range of 2.0 – 5.5 volts, and an extended temperature range of -40°C to +125°C; Serial I/O features include SPI and I2C modules, and a USART module with Local Interconnection Network (LIN) protocol support.

The PIC18F2680 and PIC18F2585 are available in 28-pin SDIP and SOIC packages, the PIC18F4680 and PIC18F4585 in 40-pin PDIP, and 44-pin TQFP or QFN packages.

Renesas Announces SH7780 Microprocessor with SH-4A SuperH™ CPU Core and PCI Bus Controller

The new SH7780, a 32-bit microprocessor incorporating the SH-4A, the high-end CPU core in the SuperH™ Family, and a PCI bus controller, delivers 720 MIPS and 2.8 GFLOPS at 400 MHz.

In addition, the SH7780 incorporates an on-chip floating point unit (FPU) with a maximum operating speed 400 MHz. The FPU supports both single-precision and double-precision arithmetic operations and delivers a maximum processing performance of 2.8 GFLOPS when operating in single-precision mode. Furthermore, hardware support for sine/cosine arithmetic operations contributes to high-speed rendering of 3-D graphics.

The SH7780 employs three kinds of bus: a 32-bit bus for connections to double data rate synchronous DRAM (DDR-SDRAM), a 32-bit bus for PCI bus connections, and a 32-bit local bus for connecting to flash memory, SRAM, etc. These three external buses can be operated simultaneously, allowing for efficient data transfer and improved performance.

On-chip peripheral functions in the SH7780 are an interrupt controller (INTC), a real-time clock (RTC), a watchdog timer (WDT), and an interface for connecting to an audio CODEC IC, in addition to other peripheral modules such as a serial interface.

The package is a 449-pin BGA (21 mm × 21 mm). Samples are expected in November 2004 with a unit price of 6000 Yen.

Renesas: New M16C Series Micros with CAN

Renesas announced a total of eight M16C/6NK and M16C/6NL 16-bit microcontroller models, incorporating large-capacity flash memory and a CAN (controller area network) interface controller.

Flash memory for program storage has been expanded from the maximum 256 Kbytes of the current M16C/6N Group to a maximum of 512 Kbytes. At the same time, maximum RAM capacity has been increased from 10 to 31 Kbytes. There is a choice of 512- or 384-Kbyte flash memory. Four Kbytes of flash memory usable for program and data storage are also provided.

The M16C/6NK series has two on-chip CAN-compatible controller channels, while the M16C/6NL has one channel. Integrated peripheral functions include a multifunction timer, serial I/O, I2C bus, A/D converter, D/A converter, DMA controller, CRC (Cyclic Redundancy Check) operation circuit and watchdog timer.

The operating voltage range has been extended to a 3.0 to 5.5 V range that covers the 3.3 V used by consumer devices. High-speed operation, with a 24 MHz maximum operating frequency and 41.7 ns minimum instruction execution time, is implemented across the entire voltage range.

Housed in a small 100-pin LQFP (14 mm × 14 mm) or 128-pin LQFP (14 mm × 20 mm) package, unit prices range from 1600 Yen to 1850 Yen.

Renesas : M32192 Microcontrollers with 1MByteFlash, Direct RAM Interface, CAN

The new  M32192 Group microcontrollers use an M32R-FPU 32-bit RISC CPU core incorporating a single-precision FPU (Floating Point Unit). The maximum operating frequency is 160 MHz,  giving these microcontrollers twice the speed and performance of current 80 MHz models.

The new microcontrollers feature the addition of a DRI (Direct RAM Interface) function that enables data (such as image data from collision avoidance systems) to be fetched directly into on-chip RAM from off-chip, allowing required data to be selected and fetched at a maximum speed of 40 Mbytes per second without CPU intervention. To hold this selected data, the on-chip RAM capacity has been approximately tripled to 176 Kbytes from the 64 Kbytes of current models.

The new M32192 Group maintains pin arrangement compatibility with the current M32176 Group, while offering additional peripheral functions including a PWM (Pulse Width Modulation) output timer with a shorting prevention function, a multiply-by-4 event count timer, and an A/D converter with simultaneous 2-channel sampling capability.

The CAN interface has been equipped with 32 message slots per channel instead of the previous 16, reducing the software overhead. A choice of 8 or 16 bits data length for the synchronous serial interface simplifies connection to external EEPROMs.

The package used is a small 144-pin LQFP (20 mm × 20 mm). Sample price is 7000 Yen.

Silicon Laboratories Introduces 8-Bit MCU Family with High Speed 16-Bit ADC

The new C8051F064 product family includes the C8051F065, C8051F066 and C8051F067, which offer a 25 MIPS 8051 core and a
choice of 32 kB or 64 kB of Flash memory in a 64-pin or 100-pin package. The new MCUs also have low-power, dual 16-bit, 1 Msps (mega sample per second)  ADCs with ±0.75 least significant bit (LSB) integral nonlinearity (INL) error, 89 dB SINAD and only 20 mW power consumption per ADC.

On-chip peripherals include two UARTs, SMBus™ and SPI™ bus serial ports as well as a two percent accuracy precision internal oscillator that eliminates the need for an external crystal or resonator.

Pricing begins at $9.98 in quantities of 5,000. The devices are packaged in either a 100-pin TQFP with 59 digital I/O or 64-pin
TQFP with 24 digital I/O.

STMicroelectronics Introduces 3V Versions of  ST72324 8-bit Microcontrollers

STMicroelectronics has introduced a new 3V microcontroller series within its ST7232x general-purpose MCU portfolio. The Flash and ROM ST72324L 3V devices are pin-to-pin compatible with their 5V counterparts.

The new devices are designed to operate on a 2.85V to 3.6V power supply, over the -40 to +85şC temperature range. They are available with 8-Kbyte, 16-Kbyte or 32-Kbyte of Flash program memory,  or with 8-Kbyte or 16-Kbyte of fully compatible ROM for cost-sensitive high-volume applications. All devices provide four power saving modes, include two 16-bit timers plus Watchdog and Real Time Clock (RTC), SCI (Serial Communications Interface) and SPI (Serial Peripheral Interface), and a 10-bit ADC (Analog to Digital Converter) with up to 12 input channels. An integrated Reset circuit with user-settable low voltage detector saves external components. The devices are available in TQFP44, TQFP32 and SDIP32 packages.

The 3V devices are available now with a pricing range, for 100k units, from US$1.70 (44-pin with 32K of Flash) to US$0.90 (32-pin with 8K of ROM).

TI: Floating Point DSP with 3x Performance/Price Ratio

The new C6711 DSP provides 1500 Million Floating-Point Operations per Second (MFLOPS) achieving a performance/price point of 83 MFLOPS/dollar.

Fabricated in 0.13-micron CMOS technology with a 1.4V core voltage and 3.3V I/O voltage, the C6711 DSP has 32 general-purpose registers of 32-bit word length and eight highly independent functional units: four floating-/fixed-point ALUs, two fixed-point ALUs and two floating-/fixed-point multipliers. Other features include 8k bytes of L1 program and data cache plus 64k bytes of L2 cache. For I/O, the device supplies an enhanced DMA controller with 16 independent channels, a 32-bit external memory interface, a 16-bit host-port interface and two multi-channel buffered serial ports (McBSPs).

Housed in a 272-pin ball-grid array package, the TMS320C6711D is available in volume quantities today with pricing of $18.00 (10 KU).

Toshiba Launches New 64-bit Microprocessor

The new TX9956CXBG is the company's first standard microprocessor to employ the high-performance 64-bit TX99/H4 CPU core and industry-leading 90 nanometer (nm) process technology. The seven-stage superscalar pipeline architecture enables simultaneous execution of two instructions. With 533 to 666 megahertz (MHz) maximum internal operating frequency, the TX9956CXBG is currently the highest-performance microprocessor in the Toshiba TX System RISC general-purpose product line.

Based on the MIPS64® architecture of MIPS Technologies, Inc., the new microprocessor features the high-performance 64-bit RISC TX99/H4 core and includes both the industry-leading 64-bit MIPS64 instruction-set architecture (ISA) for speed and the MIPS-3D™ Application-Specific Extension (ASE), an instruction set that achieves high-performance 3D geometry processing in digital entertainment and multimedia products.

Samples are scheduled to be available in July 2004; sample pricing is $45.00 each in 100-piece quantities.

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