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As these resource pages are constantly evolving, we recommend you check back frequently. Please let us know of any useful resources you would like to see added to our list.

Newbie or Confused?

If you are new to microcontroller development or confused about the many microcontroller tool choices available, we recommend you read our online article: Developing Embedded Systems - A Tools Introduction.

Microcontroller Development Tools

Our MicroControllerShop carries a large selection of tools for microcontroller and embedded system development.

Tools include Assemblers, C-Compilers, Simulators, Starter Kits and Emulators for various microcontroller architectures, including: 8051; Atmel AVR; Microchip PIC; Motorola HC05, HC08, HC11, HC12, Coldfire, 68k; National Semi COP8; Renesas MELPS 740; ST Microelectronics ST7; TI MSP430; Ubicom SX and Zilog Z8.

Microcontroller Books, Embedded Books

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In this section we have compiled  a selection of embedded books and microcontroller books, sorted by topic for quick access, on various microcontroller architectures,  embedded system design, firmware software development and general engineering topics of relevance to embedded system engineers. In association with, we offer you the option to conveniently order the books online.


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