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CAN (Controller Area Network)

Fujitsu 16LX CAN Microcontroller Development Kit


Controller Area Network

Originally developed for use in automotive applications, CAN (Controller-Area-Network) has become the de-facto communication standard in vehicles and mobile systems, as well as in any kind of distributed embedded system. With this book, the necessary basics for understanding, implementation and application of CAN-based data communication systems shall be provided. Therefore, a basic introduction into data communication in cars, machines and on the factory floor is given. A main focus of the book is the introductory description of the physical and data link layer of the CAN protocol. In addition, a description of the general architecture of CAN protocol controllers is provided together with the most important CAN chips available on the market. Another focus of the book is the introduction to the most important CAN-based higher layer protocols, especially CANopen and DeviceNet. Finally, general aspects for the design and implementation of CAN-based networks as well as hard- and software components and development tools are described.

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CAN System Engineering: From Theory to Practical Applications

Industrial engineers increasingly make use of microprocessors to monitor and control industrial processes. This book provides a comprehensive account of how CAN (controller area network) can be designed and applied in a wide variety of industrial settings. It covers thoroughly: CAN chip implementations, CAN chip programming, CAN hardware design, CAN system testing and wiring, and CAN applications. The author is a widely recognized expert in this technology with extensive experience in these techniques with companies ranging from Intel, Motorola, and IBM through to Volkswagen and Bosch. He brings to bear his expertise by providing examples of industrial networks from industries such as textiles, elevators, milling machines, excavators, and dental chairs. Beginning with the basic theory of industrial control systems, the book provides simple examples of networked systems. Then stepwise, readers are shown how to apply CAN systems and how to test them. As a result, electronic engineers working with industrial control systems will find this an important book to own.

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CANopen Implementation: Applications to Industrial Networks

Fieldbus technology has long been recognized as the future in industrial control applications. This text is intended for those wishing to embark on implementing CANopen protocols in their products, system integrators and for those planning to do pre-conformance testing of their products before going before a certification authority. It is also a reference book for teaching fieldbuses and distributed control systems. Designed to address the needs of those at shop floor level, the book describes the application of CAN, the CANopen protocol and communication technology at the shop floor. In particular at the "work cell" level and below where the use of decentralized or distributed control can effect and improve the design and performance of manufacturing systems. Although this book concentrates on the technology, the reader should never lose sight of why the technology is used. The book assists and enables those in the automation product manufacturing arena to make use of the technology to obtain commercial benefits.

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