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Assembler Programming

Assembly Language for Intel-Based Computers (4th Edition)

Based completely on the Intel 80x86 processor family, this text addresses the needs of a college course in assembly language programming. Topics include the Processor Family Instruction set and its basic architecture; assembly language directives, macros, operators, and program structure; programming methodology; samples of computer hardware manipulation; and interaction between assembly language programs, the operating system, and other application programs. The included CD-ROM contains the full professional version of the MASM 6.11 Assembly Language Development System, a programmer's editor, a macro library, the text's source code, and a link library for console I/O.

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Introduction to Risc Assembly Language Programming

Introduction to Risc Assembly Language Programming

This book is based around the MIPS RISC embedded microcontroller, a simple, clean RISC processor whose architecture and assembly language is easy to learn and understand speeds up the learning process by enabling the reader to start writing simple assembly language programs early, while assuming no prior knowledge of computer programming links with an automatic program testing system, allowing a lecturer to set programming questions and mark the assignments automatically, or a reader to test a MIPS assembly language program against numerous test inputs uses the SPIM simulator, a freely available virtual machine that allows users to write and simulate running MIPS R2000/R3000 assembly language programs on PC, Macintosh or UNIX platforms. with excellent source-level debugging tools contains a large number of example programs and programming questions

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