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Networking, Ethernet, Internet

Atmel AVR Embedded Ethernet and Web Server Starter Kit

    TCP/IP Application Layer Protocols for Embedded Systems (With CD-ROM)

Introduction to Internetworking; TCP/IP and Embedded Systems; Introduction to Application Layer Protocols; Embedded SMTP Client; Embedded SMTP Server; Embedded POP3 Client; Embedded HTTP Server; Embedded SNMP Agent; Embedded Command Line Interface (CL1); Embedded SLP (Service Location Protocol); Developing an Application Layer Protocol Remote Software Invocation; Converting to Embedded; Future Application Layer Protocols; Appendix A: Socket API Primer; Appendix B: Socket Options; Appendix C: Protocol References; Appendix D: TCP/IP Stacks; Appendix E: TCP/IP Headers.

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    Designing Embedded Internet Devices

This book describes how to design internet access and communications capabilities into embedded systems. It takes an integrated hardware/software approach using the Java programming language and industry-standard microcontrollers. Numerous illustrations and code examples enliven the text. All of the circuits and code have been fully tested based on the 8051 microprocessor. TINI is an internet-ready, embeddable, Java Virtual Machine with a powerful collection of hardware interfaces (I2C, CAN, 1-wire, RS-232, parallel, Ethernet). This book shows how to build various sensors and control devices that connect to the TINI interfaces, explains how to write programs that control them in Java, and then ties them all together in practical applications. Included is a discussion on how these technologies work, where to get detailed specifications, and ideas for the reader to pursue beyond the book. The accompanying CDROM includes Java source code for all the applications described in the book, as well as an electronic version of the text.

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    Embedded Internet Design

Embedded Internet Design is the no-hassle way to make your devices Internet-active. Demystifies the job of making devices Internet-aware, provides both PC and microprocessor programming techniques and a short course in network and Internet applications

Table of Contents: Chapter 1: The Internet: Under the Hood. Chapter 2: A Crash Course in Java. Chapter 3: A PC Gateway. Chapter 4: Introducing the Dallas Semiconductor TINI. Chapter 5: The TINI as a Web Server.Chapter 6: A Lower-Level Solution-the Scenix SX. Chapter 7: An Embedded E-mail Application. Chapter 8: An Embedded Web Server. Chapter 9: Other Alternatives. Chapter 10: A Look Ahead.

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    TCP/IP Lean: Web Servers for Embedded Systems (Book and CD-Rom Edition)

Implement dynamic Web programming techniques for Web appliances. Internet programming demystified! This is a hands-on guide to TCP/IP networking that includes source code for PIC micros to a simple TCP/IP stack - a lean version that is easier to present and efficient enough to use in embedded applications.

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Computer Networks: A Systems Approach
While Computer Networks is neither a user manual nor a technical reference, it provides an in-depth background on how network architectures and protocols work. In the beginning, Larry Peterson and Bruce Davie discuss why networks are important and talk about where networks may go in the long term. The authors then move right into a discussion of protocols. There's a fascinating section--complete with plenty of C code--in which the authors actually develop a network protocol called A Simple Protocol (ASP). They compare switching and packet networks and emphasize tunneling protocols. In the internetworking chapter, you'll learn practically all there is to know about Internet Protocol (IP). The concluding chapters talk about traffic management, congestion reduction, and high-speed networking technologies.

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Computer Networks and Internets, with Internet Applications (3rd Edition)

A textbook for readers who have little or no background in networking. Defines concepts for data and packet transmission, internetworking, and network applications.

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