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System Design - A Practical Guide with SpecC

From Book News, Inc.
Explains the use of the SpecC language for the rapid design of systems-on-chip (SOCs) or embedded systems in general. SpecC design allows for starting design from an executable system specification, allowing for greater productivity gains. To introduce the methodology, SpecC is described as an example of a dedicated, synthesis-oriented system level design language and the four different abstractions levels in systems design are described and refined. The methodology is then applied to two examples, a voice encoder/decoder for mobile telephony and a picture encoder. A complete design environment and possible tools, which can be developed around the described methodology is then developed. Finally, the SpecC Technology Open Consortium, founded as an effort to promote the language as a worldwide standard for interoperability and IP exchange, is introduced. Book News, Inc., Portland, OR

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System-on-a-Chip Design and Test

From Book News, Inc.
An overview of the current state of a new technology Rajsuman, an electrical engineer now working as a manager in a research and development company, admits is changing too rapidly to capture in print very accurately. He avoids discussing general VLSI design and testing to focus only on aspects specific to system-on-a-chip. In the section on design he examines design methodology for logic, memory, and analog cores; design validation; and examples. Under testing he covers digital, analog, and mixed-signal logic cores; embedded memories; Iddq testing, and production testing. Book News, Inc., Portland, OR

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