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This page contains the Year 2003 editions of MicroController Pros' free Embedded News Digest email newsletter. For the most recent news click here.

  • Interactive Programming Tutorials: C Programming, Java Programming, PIC Flowcode Flowchart Programming.

    The C and Java tutorials start from very basic principles of programming and take you step-by-step up to advanced programming concepts. If you complete all exercises and assignments of the programming tutorials you will gain the C/Java programming skills equivalent to taking a 15 credit university module in C/Java programming. The CD-ROM contains a complete Integrated Development Environment (IDE) that is specifically designed for educational purposes, as well as a complete C/Java compiler.

    PIC Flowcode Flowchart Programming allows you to design complex Microchip PIC based robotics and control systems by simply drawing a flow chart of your desired program in a matter of minutes even without any prior programming skills.

December 2003 Embedded News Digest

ARM: New ARM9E Family Core Provides Unrivalled Low-Power Performance

Atmel: Microcontroller with MP3 Decoder and Multiple Mass Storage Device Interfaces

electronicaUSA and Embedded Systems Conference 2004

Microchip: New Low Pincount MCUs

Microchip: New PIC16 Family

Microchip: New PIC18 Family for Motor Control

New Design Kits for Motorola HC08AP,GP,GT,GR and GZ Microcontrollers

Philips: LIN I/O Slave Expander and I2C Master Selector

Renesas: 32-bit Controller with CAN

Renesas Releases SH7720 32-Bit RISC Microprocessor With On-chip SSL Accelerator

Renesas: H8S/2114F 16-Bit Keyboard and Mouse Controller
Sharp: Secure Contactless Microcontroller

Silicon Laboratories Completes Acquisition of Cygnal

TI: New Multi-Media OMAP Controller in 90nm

November 2003 Embedded News Digest

Atmel Introduces ARM based Secure Microcontroller for Smart Cards

Elan: New Micros with Integrated LCD Driver

Infineon: 32-bit Smart Card Controller with 400kBytes EEPROM/Flash

In-Stat/MDR: Over US$7.4 Billion Microcontrollers to be Shipped by 2007

Motorola Expands 16-bit HCS Family

Motorola: Enhanced Embedded PowerPC for Automotive

Philips: ARM7 with CAN and LIN

Philips: Single-Chip Bluetooth

Renesas: New Additions to R8C-Family of Low Pincount Microcontrollers

Renesas Expands M16C-Family of Microcontrollers

Renesas: 32-bit Smart Card Controllers

Renesas: 32-bit Micro with CAN, Dual 10-Bit A/D and 256k FLASH

STMicroelectronics: 32-bit Smart Card Controller with 1Mbyte Flash

TI: New TMS320C64X DSP  with 10/100MBps Ethernet MAC

October 2003 Embedded News Digest

ARM: New ARM11 Cores

MIPS: Four new MIPS32 24k Cores

Motorola to Split off Semiconductor Business into Independent Company

Motorola Licenses StarCore DSP and Extends ARM licensing

Philips Expands 32-bit ARM Microcontroller Family

Philips Announces New CPU for Next-Generation of Nexperia™ Media Processors

Philips: I2C LED Blinkers and Dimmers

Renesas SH-MobileV2 with Enhanced Image Processing Functions

TI: New FLASH Based DSPs with CAN

Toshiba Licenses SST SuperFLASH for Microcontrollers

Zilog: Enhanced Z8 Microcontrollers

September 2003 Embedded News Digest

Atmel: Two New Members of TinyAVR Microcontroller Family

Atmel Licenses ARM926EJ-S Core and Announces Linux Port for the AT91RM9200

Cygnal Announces 100MIPS 8051; Being Acquired by Silicon Laboratories

Microchip: Standalone CAN Peripheral; New PICmicro with CAN

Motorola HCS12 In-Circuit Debugger and Programmer

Motorola: New HC08 Hybrids with Integrated MOS Motor Drivers and LIN Physical Layer

Motorola: New HC08 LIN Slave Microcontroller

NEC: New High-Speed 32-Bit RISC Microcontrollers for Electronic Home Appliances

NEC: 64-bit Network MicroController with Hardware Encryption Support

Philips Expands Low-Pin-Count 8051 Family

Renesas Expands MC16F Flash Family with 10 New CAN Microcontrollers

STMicroelectronics Licenses Two New ARM Cores

STMicroelectronics Triples Performance of Its 8051 Programmable Logic Microcontrollers

ZiLOG: New OTP Micro for Remote Control

August 2003 Embedded News Digest

Call for Papers: Embedded World Nuernberg, Germany

Cirrus Logic: ARM9 Controller for Networked Media Applications

Cypress: With Wireless USB Against Bluetooth

Elan Announces New Telecom Micro

Microchip Expands PIC18 Family

National Semiconductor Finalizes Sale of Embedded Geode Processor Family to AMD

Philips USB Interface Devices

Texas Instruments: New MSP430 Microcontrollers with Analog Front-End

ZiLOG Releases Royalty-Free TCP/IP Stack

July 2003 Embedded News Digest

ARM Delivers AMBA Interface AHB SystemC Specification

Call for Papers - Embedded Systems Conference San Francisco 2004

Elan: 8-bit RISC Micro with USB

Fujitsu: New 32-bit RISC Micro with USB Host and OSDC
Microchip: New RF PIC Development Tool

Motorola Expands HCS12 Family

NEC: 32-bit Micro With 5 CAN Interfaces

Renesas : New H8 MCU with 3 Serial Channels

Sensory  Speech Recognition Microcontroller Now Shipping

ZiLOG Announces Samples of Z8 Encore! 4KB and 8KB Flash Devices

June 2003 Embedded News Digest

Analog Devices: New TigerSHARC DSPs

ARM: New Thumb-2 Core Provides Higher Code Density and Performance

CAST Introduces HC05 and HC11 Compatible Cores

Motorola Introduces Low-Power HCS08 Family

Renesas Announces Enhanced H8S 16-bit Microcontroller with CAN Interface

Renesas New SuperH RISC DSP with USB2.0

Renesas Releases 32-Bit RISC MCU with On-Chip IPsec Accelerator and Two Ethernet Controllers

STMicroelectronics Introduces SPI FLASH Memory for MCU Data & Parameter Storage

TI Introduces Two New DSP Starter Kits

Toshiba: Two New 64-bit MIPS Micros in 90nm Technology

May 2003 Embedded News Digest

Atmel Introduces Evaluation Kit for LCD AVR Family

Atmel AVR USA Seminars in June

Cygnal: 25MIPS 8051 CPU for $0.99

EM Microelectronic: Low-Power, High Output Drive RISC MCU

Microchip Adds 32k FLASH to High-Pin-Count PIC18 Family

Microchip Demo Board for High-Pin-Count PIC18 Family

Motorola New 8k Flash HC08 Devices

TI breaks the 1GHZ Barrier With DSP

April 2003 Embedded News Digest

Atmel: New AVR microcontrollers with RF, LCD and crypto processor

Atmel Introduces SecureAVR with 32MBit FLASH

Atmel Releases Two New FLASH C51 Micros with USB

Cygnal Introduces Microcontroller with Dual 1MSPS 16-bit ADCs

Fujitsu: Four New 16-bit Micros with Integrated LCD Controller

Fujitsu: New 32-bit RISC Microcontrollers

Infineon: New C166 and Tricore Microcontrollers
Intel Extends Line Of Embedded Intel Architecture Processors
Microchip: Demo Board for Low Pin-Count Flash PIC Microcontrollers

Microchip Introduces Free "Application Maestro" Code Generator

Microchip: New Low-Cost PICkit 1 Flash Starter Kit

Motorola Announces Four New PowerPC Microcontrollers

NEC: Reference Design for V850 based MPEG-2 Codecs

NEC: New V850 Microcontroller

Philips ARM7TDMI-S Microcontroller Family

Renesas: Who is Renesas?

Renesas: 32-bit Micros with up to 512kBytes FLASH

Sharp Announces ARM9 based BlueStreak Production Release

ST Expands 8051 Microcontroller Product Line

Toshiba 32-bit RISC Micro With 1Mbyte FLASH/ROM

Toshiba 64-bit RISC Processor with Ethernet MAC

ZiLOG Low-Cost, Small Package Z8 Encore! Microcontroller

March 2003 Embedded News Digest

Analog Devices: New Blackfin Family - Fast, Low Power and Cheap

ARM Announces AMBA SystemC Interface to Enable System-Level Design

Dallas 8051 Network Microcontroller Emulation Support

Fujitsu Releases the MB90330 Series of 16-bit USB Microcontrollers

Fujitsu: CAN microcontrollers with LIN interface
Microchip: Seven New Low Power PIC16F Controllers

Microchip 7th Annual Summer Technical Exchange Conference

Motorola: New HCS12 Micro with 2k Calibration RAM

Motorola HC08 FLASH MCUs with CAN for Space Limited Applications

Motorola and Circuit Cellar HC08Q FLASH Design Contest

TI: Free 2hour MSP430 Lunch Seminars in Europe, Americas, Asia on April 30th

February 2003 Embedded News Digest

AMD Alchemy Solutions Au100 Processor Powers Bar Code Reader

Atmel AT89C5131: New Emulator with Unique Features

Atmel Launches Range of Embedded Internet Connectivity Solutions

Atmel ARM9 Based Microcontroller with USB and Ethernet

CML: 8051 with Integrated Modem

Cygnal Introduces USB Microcontroller Requiring No External Crystal

Hitachi: New Super Low Power H8 Microcontrollers
Hitachi: Four new H8/300H Tiny Microcontrollers with CAN, LIN, 10-bit A/D

Hyperstone: RISC/DSP Microprocessor in TFBGA Package and as Macro Cell for SoC Designs

Infineon: New Micros for Motor Control and Audio Processing
Intel Introduces New Network Processors

Intel Obsoletes StrongARM

Michrochip: New High-End Emulators for PIC and dsPIC Micros

Microchip Announces New PIC18F Family for Motor Control

Micronas: Voice-Over-IP USB Keyboard Controller

Motorola Offers Complimentary Tools for HC12 Family

NEC: New 32-Bit V850ES/PM1 Microcontroller  with 16-bit A/D

ST Microelectronics: ST7Lite FLASH Micros with integrated OPAMP, 13-bit A/D

TI: Five New OMAP Processors with On-Chip Security

Toshiba: 1.8V, High Speed 8-bit FLASH Micros

Zilog: Z80 with Integrated Ethernet MAC and Embedded TCP/IP

January 2003 Embedded News Digest

ALi ships USB2.0 Video Camera Controller

Atmel Introduces Secure AVR Micro with 12Mbps USB

Cygnal 8051 Embedded Ethernet Reference Design

Goal Launches 8051 Based VERSA Microcontroller Family

Hitachi Online Microcontroller Hard-/Software Evaluation and Training

NEC Scores Highest in EEMBC Automotive Performance Benchmarks with V850ES/SA2

Toshiba 8-bit OTP Microcontroller in 20-pin Package

2002 Embedded News Digest Archive .....

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